Friday, August 30, 2013

My 25th Birthday!

Seems like my Birthday was awhile ago... that's because it was!  But I couldn't let these sweet photos be forgotten of my lovely day.  Though we just had moved and things were out of control, Wes still made my day so very special.  25 ain't that bad.... I was dreading it, but I've started to love it. Before you know it I'll be 26! Let's not even think about that.  Here are our photos, way back on May 31st.

Lunch at the cutest blue Bakery downtown!

instagram. He's happy here, he really is! ;)
treat stop..
and the best gift! A longboard MADE by my brother.  And yes I'm terrible at it, but I still love it and have to fight Wes for it

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Why, hello

Eek! 2 months since the last post. How was I supposed to know that moving, being away from my business, taking care of a yard for the 1st time, oh and let's not forget when our water was contaminated.... would be so hard.  Not to mention the huge projects we've accomplished on our new home.  No, not the fun kind... the doggy door, hard water filled pipes, etc kind.

But I am sooo happy and extremely grateful to be in our home.  We've hardly had a moment to enjoy it, especially since we've still been spending a lot of time at our condo prepping it for renters.  That should all end this weekend though and I could be more excited!  We are going to finally put some 'fun time' into our house.  Do a little shopping, antiquing, and some DIYs. Yay!

Here's just a little post to recap our life lately, basically all of summer. I may need to break it up into a few posts.....

Who's excited for Fall!!! It's going to officially start (to me) on Sunday ;)

I still really need a photo of us in front of our home, but this is IT! Better non-washed-out photo soon!
my dad and bro moving heavy furniture down the stairs of death!
the 1st of many ;)

gorgeous sunsets from our neighborhood!

we managed to have some adventure in the mountains too!
mom and dad <3
marsh lands about 5 minutes form out home!
Lucy. Exhausted.
Wes took me to a She and Him concert! That's Zooey right there ;)
Managed a movie night and shopping with my mama....
..matchy-matchy family photos...
and had a beautiful 4th of July!
that doesn't cover the half of it, be back with more!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Just Swingin

 Our home came with a playset. We thought we would sell it for some extra $$$ but before that happened we HAD to try it ourselves

Swinging kinda makes me sick now, buuuut it's really fun too! 

p.s. our neighbors seem really confused. They think a bunch of kids just moved in, ha!

Monday, June 24, 2013

3 years, a House and Twenty-five!

Hello! Where has time gone? We have celebrated out 3rd anniversary, signed papers for our new, little dream-home the same day, and moved in that weekend. Said goodbye to our newlywed love nest and I turned 25! We've been busy organizing, working, cooking (yes, cooking! I've since made steaks twice, kabobs and waffles. Those are some accomplishments around here).

We're learning and discovering lots of new things about our home.  Like being a lot more careful with gasoline (learned after a dead lawn trail), also not to mow the lawn too short.. down-to-the-roots-too-short.  I'm hoping this yard is patient with us!  We also have LOTS of bugs at night.  Like the kind that when you open the door for 3 seconds to let in the dogs, you have about 1,000 bugs around your ceiling light.
But we have found some fun and new date ideas! Our new town has lots of darling parks with ponds and geese... there are corn-dog and snow cones shacks everywhere. My favorite thing lately has been just driving around seeing everything for the first time.  We are surrounded by old pioneer homes and long, beautiful green fields that smell so sweet.  And the trees! If you read Nie Nie then you will know her love for the Russian Olive Trees....well I am just as obsessed with their sweet, summer smell.  I could smell it all day long. Hard for me to believe they are a weed! The allergies have been worth it ;)

We find ourselves sitting on our couch, staring at our home.  Looking into our kitchen and living room and imagining how it will be once we've gotten our hands on it and made it ours.  Imagining the next 5 years here.  We keep looking at each other and saying "I can't believe we're here, I can't believe this is OURS!"

We're so happy and having such a good time.  I am thinking of starting a series about our home and making it ours.  I'll be sure to update, until then here is a little bit of what our life has looked like the past couple weeks.

Godiva Cheesecake and our cake topper (I've made a topper for us for the 2nd & 3rd Anniversaries, I thin it's our tradition!)

Made Wes a book of photos and notes of our 3rd year. 

Instagram of AMAZING HOMEMADE longboard my brother made for me! Haven't crashed yet... haven't been super daring though either ;)

Mowing our lawn for the 1st time. 1st time, kinda fun. After that, not so much. But I still smile when I say, : We have a lawn!!"

found some old desks from the '40s! Now we have a garage for all our projects, eeeeee!

another Insta from our anniversary, we got the keys that day & went over just to run around in it. Found our shoes like this. I like that I got this pic sorta on accident

and this. THIS is the view when you leave our neighborhood.  We are lucky and thankful and in love!

Friday, May 31, 2013

It's My Birthday!

It's official, I'm 25 today!  Yikes! I've been sort of dreading it, but it's not so bad. The past few years of my 20's have been pretty amazing, and I'm sure 25 won't let me down ;) We had to do a little bit of work today, but now we're off to some fun!  Tomorrow I'll be celebrating with my family. I'm so excited & will try to take lots of pics. I also hope to update our crazy life lately, like.... we moved into the cutest house!! You can see a bit of what's been our norm above. Boxes. Boxes. Boxes. More to come.
Have a looovely weekend, xo

Saturday, May 18, 2013

I Love Lucy

For those of you who don't know, Lucy is my baby. By MY baby I mean that Wes gave her to me when we were dating and I raised her at my home before we were married.  Lola is more of Wes' baby because I got her for him when we were dating. (We weren't the smartest kids and we know that now. Your dog + my dog = 2 dogs in 1 condo!)  We couldn't love them more though & they bring SO much joy to us :) To say we are dog people would be putting it lightly.

Anyway, here are some pictures of my baby just because I love and she's been sick with bladder stones. It's horrible, but she has some medicine that is supposed to break up the stones. We will see on saturday if they've cleared up

I love Lucy

I buy my dogs child toys, they're a lot more fun ;)

checking in on everything

ducks. Her obsession


Friday, May 17, 2013

Flower Making With Brittany, The House That Lars Built

Last week I went to an Anthro Event to make the most lovely paper flowers with brittany from The House that Lars Built.  I brought my mom along with me and we had a blast! Brittany is one of the cutest gals you'll meet and sooo inspiring. Now that I've been taught this fun art, I think I'll be filling our new home with these pretty flowers.  Here's a few pictures from that night: 

a sneaky one of Brittany, I just loved her ;)

photo via house that lars built

You can see more photos of that night on Brittany's Blog!